Hey there and welcome to The Food Marketer. We're excited to share with you what our company is all about and how we can best serve your restaurant, winery or brewery.

Our marketing company is different because we have been and continue to work in your industry. We're in the trenches listening and coming to the creative work, already understanding the desires of your customers, and knowing how we can structure your marketing to benefit your customers and your business. 



We are committed to creating engaging marketing content in order to not only bring the right customers to your business, but also to increase your bottom line. 

the process

We are here to alleviate the stress many restaurant or winery owners feel when they have to create their own marketing, while also having to focus on serving their customers, understanding their numbers, managing employees, etc.

We take that stress away by sitting down with you and getting really clear on what your current business struggles are, and how we can make those obstacles turn into success stories. We also spend time looking at hard numbers to get a clear vision of the type of marketing we're going to use, the goals you want to achieve and how we will measure those goals for success. 

Once the strategy has been approved we then get into the fun stuff, executing the creative parts of your customized strategy. This can look like putting together posts to be featured on your social media pages, setting up templates to be used for future email campaigns, writing copy for your first email campaign, optimizing your Yelp or tripadvisor page with photos, information about your business or even answering customer reviews, keeping your unique business voice in mind.

Our Customers

The Food Marketer specializes in working with all types of business entities in the restaurant service and hospitality industries. We work with restaurants, bakeries, cafes, wineries, wine bars, breweries, gastropubs, chains, you name it. If you work in one of these businesses and you're looking to take your marketing to the next level, we're here to take you there.

We can help you do this through creating stronger brand loyalty, growing your social audience, engaging with your customers daily on social media platforms and review platforms such as Yelp & TripAdvisor or helping you turn email campaigns into sales engines using platforms including Vin65, Mailchimp or Constant Contact

If you're looking for any of the services we provide or you just want to get some more information on how our customers have benefited from the work we do when we partner with their businesses, feel free to reach out to us.