Why is Blogging Important?

Do you ever read article after article by some social media or marketing "guru," claiming that they understand how you should spend your marketing dollars? 

Online Marketing Strategy Confusion

Lately I’ve seen countless articles on the subject and the funny thing is I still don't know what the right answer is to the best marketing strategy. It's obvious that marketing is not a one size fits all situation, because every company is different, but I have to ask: what are we learning from all of these articles? 

I know I’m not the only one grasping at a couple key facts that will hopefully lead to some form of success, whether its monetary or exposure related for my clients. So if this developing marketing arena keeps unraveling, will my commentary on the subject prove to my clients that I am one of the "gurus?" 

Why Blogging is Important

When reading another blog by a freelance writer, whose business model looks ever so similar to The Food Marketer, the writer said blogging is key for your SEO. It helps helps you to consistently advertise your skill-set as a writer. 

While I've been approached to blog for other businesses, I never thought to do it for myself. Now that I’ve decided that blogging will be helpful as it will force me to exercise my creative thought-process, I must consider: what will be my mission for having a blog?

What to Blog About

For the past few days, I’ve thought deeply about what I’d like to discuss on my blog. Personally, I fully intend to avoid spitting out general opinions or regurgitating the thoughts that have so clearly been plagiarized about how to create better content. For instance, how many times has a blogger written a piece on how to use a hashtag appropriately or how to best utilize Facebook ads?

The mission of my blog: to offer my potential clients a unique perspective on all things marketing. Sometimes the blogs will consist of short fiction, business commentary or even a stick-figure doodle. My ultimate goal is to create an open discussion surrounding the ever-changing definition of marketing, where the confusions lie and how to hopefully succeed while doing it. 

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