How Content Writers Save You Time and Money

How many times have you wanted to start a Facebook page for your product, and two weeks go by and that task is still on your to-do list. This isn't anything to feel bad about, getting things done on your to-do list that are difficult to complete will always be there, because you either don't have the time or you don't want to do it. I am here to say that it's all good.

When it comes to setting up an email marketing campaign, starting a blog, social media page or coming up with engaging content for your website, that's all part of the skill sets content writers possess. There are many reasons to hire a content writer. I know you're time is precious, so I've broken it down to give you the top 5 reasons to hire these word wizards.

1.) Good content writers save you money and time 

If writing isn't your strong suit, the worst thing you can do is spend time trying to write. In the end, you'll just be left with crumbled pieces of paper and no new business. Don't waste your time trying to write, hire someone to do it for you. Content writers are trained to understand what's engaging and interesting to your target audience, which enables them to write copy that sells. In the end, you would have saved yourself some grueling hours of self deprecation and gained a pay check!

2.) Content writers help grow your customer base

You may not know where your customers are hanging out online, but guess who does, content writers. If you have a visual business like a clothing line, flower shop, or a catering business, a content writer can help you start an Instagram or Pinterest account. These sites are lead builders, because they enable you to show off your best creations and put it in front of people you may have never reached, if you weren't marketing on those sites. Content writers will also make sure specific hashtags are being integrated into your posts to ensure the right people are finding your content.

3. ) Content Writers give you consistent, good quality blogs

You are a successful business person, because you understand what your customers problems are, and you know how to fix those problems. Guess what, blogging is kind of the same thing. Blogging is one solution vehicle for your customers to get resources they may not be able to get anywhere else.

One of my favorite blogs is from Marie Forleo. She recently did one on "Why you lost your business passion and how to get it back." How many of you reading this right now can say you have felt that way? I would bet almost all of you are shaking your heads right now or saying, uh yeah! When I got this blog emailed to me, I couldn't not open it, because I felt like Forleo was speaking to me. Content writers know how to speak to your ideal client and they understand the resources they are looking for. Even if you do and you still don't want to do the blogging, all you have to do is provide your content writer with the subjects and voila, magic. 

4.) Content writers know how to create engagement that turns into leads

Even in today's world, your website is still your best marketing tool. It's like a first impression you aren't always aware you're giving. That being said, you want your website to work for you. So how the hell do you turn your website into a business asset? One answer is opt-in's. Unless you give your customers a reason to return to your website, they won't. They're busy bees just like you and frankly, you've got your hands full with other parts of your business to worry about establishing an opt-in or email marketing campaign. Here's another time and money saver content writers can take care of. Spend the time doing what you do best in your business, whether that's interacting with your customers, networking or running the hard numbers, and leave the digital jargon up to the wordsmiths. 


5.) Content writers know SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Wikipedia best explains SEO to mean "the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results." There are specific words that people type into Google every month to search for your business. Content writers use Google AdWords to search for specific keywords, so they know the right words to use within the text on your website and blogs, to increase the visibility of your website organically. This may still sound confusing, but in a nutshell all I'm saying is content writers understand how to get more traffic to your website, which creates more soft lead opportunities. If you have e-commerce on your website, you may even get a sale out of good SEO practices.

If you are still confused or wondering what other opportunities content writing can do for your business, send me an email. I'd love to help you with your email marketing, social media management or website content.