In addition to working with clients on a monthly basis, we offer consulting services to businesses who need a little direction but are capable of managing their marketing in-house. Whether you are unsure how to build your marketing strategy, would like to rebrand, or need assistance with creating content, we have the knowledge and expertise to give your marketing the extra boost it needs.


The Process

Here is how we provide consulting services for your restaurant or hotel:

  1. Determine main marketing goals
  2. Develop company brand
  3. Identify influencers, media outlets and customers
  4. Offer website optimization opportunities
  5. Build influence
  6. Build communities, brand and revenue

We work with you every step of the way to ensure we understand your business's needs and goals and provide you with a way to meet them.


The following are examples of the consulting services we offer:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing Collateral Strategy and Design
  • Logo Design and Brand Identity
  • Strategic Advising on Campaign Initiatives
  • Website Development
  • Strategy Building

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