10 Content Creation Tools That Make You Stand Out Online

Want to know the tools that will enable you to create content faster and more intelligently? I've put together some of my favorite FREE content creation tools I use every day that has enabled me to market with style, smarts and ease directly to my target audience (a.k.a. small business owners). Unlock these unique and effective tools below and let me know which ones worked for you the best by sending me a quick note in the form box below. Can't wait to hear about how these content creation tools are assisting you in staying above the noise.

Hemingway App

In a world where people's attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, being succinct in your writing style is a virtue. Copy and paste your sentences into this app, and it will give you different ways to make your sentences simpler or easier to understand.


I use this to create graphics on my blog posts, social media pages, email blasts,presentations and webinars. I love how easy it is to use. The templates make you look like a design pro. You can use the templates, stock photos and much more to create graphics that speak to your audience and brand.

Headline Analyzer

The most important part of an email blast is the headline, because the headline will determine whether or not one person or hundreds of people open your email. However, how do you know whether your headline hits on the right emotional triggers to get your target audience to click?

Using this headline analyzer, you will be able to input your headline, pick your business category and then the system will show you the percentage of emotional marketing value your headline has. The percentage is based off of the amount of EMV (emotional marketing value) words you have in your headline.


Just because other people are okay with making spelling mistakes doesn't mean you should accept it too. Spelling mistakes can quickly damage a persons perception of a brand and could ultimately lead to a potential sale being missed due to poor grammar. 

Download Grammarly and it will show you the common grammatical errors you're making and how to correct them. All you have to do is click the correction in green and you're done.


According to hubpost, "infographics are Liked and shared on social media 3X more than any other type of content." Use this program to create visually compelling infographics using 1,000 customizable templates to cut down on the time it takes to create an infographic design from scratch. 


Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a compelling blog idea. This program helps you to come up with a title just by typing in the keyword you're optimizing for. You'll also get a good laugh with the commentary the system comes up with on each word of the sentence. 

Google Fonts

Part of creating a compelling brand and staying above the noise is picking a specific font(s) that you'll use on everything from your website to your social media posts, webinars and email blasts. When you use Google Fonts, you'll have access to over 700 font families you can download easily to use on your website just by adding the code to the back end of your website.


Video is another powerful tool you must adopt in order to look like a compelling brand in today's digital age. When you use PowToon, you can create your own 5-minute video to educate your target audience on a service or product you provide, or, it's also a great tool to use in a presentation. The free account will allow you to choose from 11 templates, and 38 royalty free music to accompany your animated video. Major companies such as Coca-Cola, and Starbucks have used this program.

Atomic Writer

If you are running a WordPress website, this plugin is dynamite. This blog editor will help you to create a blog that will reach more of your target audience. The system will analyze your content, it will show you the strengths and weakness of your blog, and ways to restructure it to strengthen the content. With so much noise to compete with on the internet, why not ensure your blogs will reach the audience you want looking and learning from your content.

Daily Page

Even as technology continues to advance, being a great writer will never go out of style, and in this ever-evolving content creation world, being able to write and create content every day is a necessary habit to have whether you're a blogger, business owner or marketer. This program offers a free 7-day trial where they will email you writing prompts every day for you to complete in their editing software and it will even give you personalized writing stats to show you how much you're writing on a daily basis.

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