A foodie for life

Hi, I'm Emily and I'm obsessed with, can't get enough of good cuisine, wine, and well crafted spirits. I'm almost certain if you love food too, your upbringing may have been similar to mine. 

My life has been revolved around food even before I entered into the restaurant industry almost a decade ago. Ever since I was a little girl, my Grandmother and Mother spoiled me with home cooked meals consisting of paprika chicken and dumplings, tender brisket that fell apart right on my fork, pork chops and apple sauce, brussel sprouts mixed with bacon... you get the picture. 

My First Restaurant Job

As I grew up, food came into my professional life. During one summer back in Santa Barbara, I got a job as a hostess at Chads, a once famous Santa Barbara restaurant, loved by locals for its strong drinks, California/French fusion cuisine and way too good-looking waitstaff. 

Through the crazy nights and bachelorette party extravaganzas that seemed to be a nightly occurrence at Chads, I didn't realize this job was just the first step in my journey to becoming a full-blown foodie and wine enthusiast. 

I later went on to hold waitress positions at Legal Sea Foods and other small business restaurants in Boston. When I graduated in 2011 from Emerson College, right smack dab in the middle of a recovering American economy, I decided to take the leap into the wine industry, what did I have to lose.

the Wine Industry

I applied to all the wine shops in town, most of them weren't even hiring. Then a small wine shop called vino di vino, decided to take a chance on me. It was at vino di vino that my obsession with wine truly started.

The store was packed with wines I had never heard of, and since the customers were quite knowledgeable about wine too, I knew I had to learn fast! I wanted to get my hands on every wine from every country: France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, U.S. you name it.

After being with the company for almost a year, I was promoted to Assistant Buyer. Within that position I learned about margins, working with distributors, rating to price ratios and the art of negotiating. 

When I finally left vino di vino, I was on my way to Ireland, where I would study for 3 months for my WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) Level 3 Certification in Wine. I could have gone straight to California, but love found me in Ireland, so I couldn't resist. 

After getting my certification, I joined my family in the picture-perfect surroundings of Santa Barbara, California, home of the famous wine movie, Sideways and some of the most award-winning Pinot Noir and Chardonnay winemakers, one of which I would eventually work for.

Using the skills I had acquired from vino di vino and taking my WSET, I landed a tasting room manager position at Summerland Winery. Beyond learning about the California wine palette and how ridiculously yummy Fiddlestix Pinot Noir is, if I had to sum up the biggest thing I learned from working at Summerland Winery it would have to be learning how to effectively manage people. Managing people is tough, but the good news is those lessons have stuck with me. I call on those lessons learned as I manage clients, interns and contractors within The Food Marketer. 


While I was still running around the tasting room, I decided to make a little money on the side by doing some freelance content creation work for family and friends. This eventually spurred me to start my company, The Food Marketer, back in June 2014. When I finally left Summerland Winery, I delved deep into the arms of entrepreneurship, bringing on a client list of 20 new customers all within the first year. What can I say, I like to hustle.

Today, The Food Marketer is going strong and I've managed to blend my passion for digital marketing with my lifetime love of food and wine through serving wineries, breweries and restaurants throughout the Santa Barbara area and beyond. If you're thirsty, you can still find me behind the bar on the weekends at the famous Au Bon Climat tasting room in Santa Barbara, pouring wine and educating customers on the Mind Behind ABC, Jim Clendenen and our specific winemaking process. 

If you've got a delicious product(s) that you're dying for more people to try, reach out to me, I can't wait to help you bring more customers to your business!