Referral Program

Interested in getting a little kickback for a good deed? Know of other restaurant or winery businesses looking to improve their online marketing strategies? Let us show you how our referral program is a win-win for you, the customers you refer to us and much more! Our Referral Program is a quick and easy way to get a bonus with The Food Marketer. 


How it Works  

For every client you recommend to us that signs up for one of our service packages, you'll receive 7% of the total package cost of the initial contract the customer signs. Many of our customers either work with us on a project-by-project basis or for longer term. These are just rough numbers, each contract can look different depending on if a customer wants to combine different services within their marketing strategy.

Here is what you could be receiving. The bold portion is the money you'd receive!

Website Design (no e-commerce)- $1,050 ($74)

Website Design (e-commerce)- $2,060 ($144)

Online Review Management- $420/mo. $1,260/3 months ($88)

Social Media Marketing- $830/mo. $2,490/3 months ($174)

Social Media Marketing & Review Management- $1,250/mo. $3,750/ 3 months ($263)

Email Marketing (up to 4 emails a month)- $1,550/mo. $4,650/ 3 months ($326)

Email marketing (up to 8 emails a month)- $2,580/mo. $7,740/ 3 months ($542)

Getting Started

To participate in our referral program, simply send  us an introductory email with contact info from the business you want to refer. We'll take care of the rest. If the client you referred signs a contract with us, you'll be notified of your referral kickback.

Who to Refer

Owners of restaurants, bakeries, breweries or wineries would be helpful contacts for us. 

Looking to refer a restaurant, winery, brewery, or bakery? Click the button below.