review management

Are you currently running up against a never-ending battle with Yelp? Do you feel discouraged every time you see a negative review written about your business? Are you a new business looking to increase your reviews on Yelp and or tripadvisor? Whatever your reason, we've heard it all and we can help bring relief to your individual business's situation.

The Food Marketer works with all types of business within the food and alcohol industry to better their situation on Yelp and tripadvisor. We specialize in the following services:

review management

Don't be afraid any more of negative reviews, we make sure to answer your customer's online reviews no matter if there negative or positive. We guarantee we'll answer new reviews on your page within 3 business days. 

The majority of negative Yelp reviews tend to be about customer service. If there's a particular issue we see coming up over and over again on your page, we're trained in helping you to address that issue head-on and find solutions so that issue doesn't continue to be a problem. We have worked in the restaurant and wine industry, we know what it's like to be on your end.

page optimization

According to tripadvisor, accounts that have 30 or more photos on their page get 41% more engagement? If your page doesn't currently have that many photos, and you want more reviews, this could mean your page isn't properly optimized.

Want to come up as the #1 steakhouse in Beverly Hills? We can help you to make that a reality. We specialize in optimizing your page so your business can have more success in the future. Our staff members work with you to implement the right information about your business on your page.

We also add photos to your page, and anything else that may need to be completed so your Yelp and or tripadvisor page is fully optimized.  


Like many social platforms, it's a pay to play game. If you're looking to increase your reviews or ratings, want to add different deals to your page or a call to action button? We'll make sure to set all those buttons up and ensure your advertising budget is being handled.

analytics reporting

We provide you with monthly analytics reports, so you understand the activity occurring on your Yelp and tripadvisor pages. We'll also share with you the amount of sales the review sites are converting for you monthly.

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